The future of manufacturing is upon us, and if you're not at the forefront of it now, you risk being left behind...

Fortunately, there are ways manufacturers can catch up that are both cost and time effective whilst still being focused on customer demand.

Chief amongst these is a so-called 'equipment-as-a-service model' , whereby production systems or machinery are nor purchased, but provided by a supplier for a fee.

This webinar, hosted by Manufacturing Management and relayr, will explore the growth of the as-a­service concept and how it can provide a boost to manufacturers' productivity, profitability in a customer led environment.

What will I learn in 45 minutes?

  • Gain alignment across your organisation to shift to an Equipment-as-a-Service model
  • Building a clear Equipment-as-a-Service strategy and roadmap
  • Creating additional revenue with an as-a-Service model
  • Tune in on Thursday 3 October at 2pm for this exclusive event. Can’t make the date? Register now to watch on demand at a time that suits you.

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10 JULY, 12:30PM (BST)

In a year dominated by Brexit, it is easy for manufacturers to lose sight of the other key challenges on the horizon. Maximising productivity, controlling costs and embracing new technologies are all vital to ensure long-term success. However, such considerations have found themselves taking a back seat as uncertainty bites.

This free-to-attend live stream event, hosted by Manufacturing Management in association with Advanced, will bring together manufacturers and industry experts for an interactive session exploring the key trends UK manufacturing leaders should be considering for the remaining six months of 2019, and what to look out for in 2020 and beyond.

Tune in to watch the panel debate, which will cover topics including:

  • The current state of play in the industry, and the progress of Industry 4.0 and automation
  • Making Tax Digital – what’s next?
  • Three key productivity gains manufacturers can make today
  • This is a chance to hear how to prepare your site and your workforce for the future of manufacturing in the UK.

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    Do you have your head in the sand or are you looking around for the bright new opportunities?

    Join Manufacturing Management and Advanced for a webinar exploring why UK industry often falls into the former camp, and how to raise awareness of the advantages that a future-thinking outlook can have on your business, with real-life examples of organisations who have transformed their processes with this approach.

    By attending this webinar, you will:

    • Learn the importance of adopting new technologies to avoid getting left behind in a digital-first world
    • Discover the cost of doing nothing and maintaining the ‘ostrich outlook’
    • Learn how developing the right attitude towards your business transformation can enable growth and profitability
    • Hear real life success stories from organisations who have reimagined their business with the help of innovative technologies

    Can't make the date? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Simply register now so we can send you a link to the on demand recording after the webinar has taken place.

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    WEBINAR with Azzure IT

    Manufacturing Management is delighted to announce it has teamed up with business software experts, Azzure IT, to offer readers a comprehensive overview of digital transformation and how it will benefit smaller manufacturing businesses.

    The webinar, ‘Digital transformation – re-imagine what’s possible’, is available on demand and is free for all Manufacturing Management readers.

    Sign-up and discover:

    • Why digital transformation is key for smaller manufacturing businesses
    • The next generation of smart business applications
    • The next wave of productivity improvements will come from
    • The key challenges faced by smaller manufacturing business
    • How these solutions take-on real-world challenges and opportunities

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    The webinar, ‘Energy Management for Production’, is available on demand and is free for all Manufacturing Management readers.

    Sign-up to ensure the competitiveness of your company by complying with energy regulations, reducing your operating cost and achieving sustainability targets.

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